Build a value proposition that is clear and impactfull.

  • "This tool was great helping me structure my thinking and be very clear about my value proposition. It helped me sell my project internally" - Lydie - Future Offer Manager

    What is it for?

    The value proposition is what will make your prospect become customers. This tool helps you come up with a crisp value proposition resonate with your target customers.


    How to use the Value Proposition Template

    Starting with a specific customer in mind and fill out the different cells. This template helps you build a simple pitch or expose your value proposition to your customers via a landing page for instance. But first, you need to start with the problem.



    Explain the problem you are solving for your customer target. Starting your narrative with a problem opens a story loop in your customer's mind. It should resonate with your target customer. If your target customer recognizes the problem, they will be interested in hearing about the solution you have.



    • Vivino - picking bad wines
    • Mayu - drinking bad water



    Here briefly explain your solution. How are you going to solve the customer problem? At this stage, if the customer agrees with the problem, then he wants to know what the proposed solution is. You do not need to go into details here, but you want to see if modalities of your solutions are acceptable to the customer. It could be an app. A personalized service. A device.



    • Vivino - A mobile application
    • Mayu - A jug of water with a rotating stone



    List the main benefits (tangible, specific) that your solution offers to your customers (you might link them to features). State the tangible outcomes for your customers as a result of using your product. Close the narrative with the result.



    • Vivino: feel great about their choice of wine, the confidence that the bottle they will share is a good one
    • Mayu: drink purified water, and live healthier



    What would a happy customer say after using your solution? This makes your value proposition very tangible. Make sure you use the same language the customer uses.



    Which actions are you expecting your customers to take now to prove their commitment? As you test your value proposition with customers, you want to know if they are interested. If they are, they should take a step towards engaging with your offer: ask them to commit. It could be paying for the solution, registering to a service, publicly sharing your offer.

    Next steps

    Now that you have a clear value proposition, you have to test it! Go on to solution interviews or build a landing page in order to verify if your target customers understand your solution and whether they want to buy it or not.