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  • Iain Wallace

    Iain holds French, US and British citizenships and worked in all 3 countries. With a background in sales and marketing, Iain co-founded 3 startups as CEO creating € 100 million in value, raised € 20 million in VC money and won Deloitte's Fast 50 and 500 awards for fast growth. After being General Manager at Aerial Consulting catering to France's largest companies, Iain is now mentoring promising startups at Numa, a renowned French incubator, and helping Tango's clients create new products with an enviably high success rate.


    Franck Debane

    Franck has lived and worked in the Silicon Valley, London and Paris. Engineer by training, he has co-founded 2 startups and worked for large companies such as AOL and the BBC. He mentors startup founders and helps big corporates come out with innovative solutions by applying Lean Startup principles. Franck co-founded Tango, with the mission to inject the entrepreneurial spirit into teams, to help them work differently and empower everyone to succeed faster. Franck is also and co-founder of the Lean Startup Experience, a 8000+ Lean Startup practitioner community in France.

    Florian Champagne

    Florian Champagne has worked for startups in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Paris. Graduated from Centrale Engineer school, he focused on building and bringing to market B2B Saas products with Talkspirit, Magency and Nissan Europe. Over the years, Florian developed a unique expertise on lean and agile approach which he uses now to help teams succeed faster with higher customer satisfaction. Florian is entrusted by big companies, business schools (EDHEC, Centrale) and startups.

    Cécile Delépine

    Cécile Delépine is a change and strategic partnerships expert, holding French and Israeli citizenships. A political sciences and International management graduate (ESCP Europe), she worked in IT & Innovation for more than 15 years with mission of attracting high potential startups in Europe to foster technological and business partnerships with French Leaders. She co-founded tevet-reception.com and saveurs-en-ligne.com in France. More recently, she was the Deputy CEO for France operations of the tech open source Leader Savoir-Faire Linux.

    Nastasia Time

    After graduating from ESG Management School and Sciences Po Paris, Nastasia went on around the world trip to interview experts of entrepreneurship, design thinking, innovation labs, coworking spaces, collaborative tools.

    To pursue her journey into innovation, she worked with La French Tech at Station F in order to help startups gain better access to French public services. Today, she is helping big companies transition to design thinking and lean startup principles and help their employees have more impact on their customers’ lives.

    Guy Levi-Bochi​

    After a life in banking and strategy consultancy, Guy became an entrepreneur 10 years ago. While his first startup was a huge failure, he had an epiphany when he met Eric Ries in 2009 and has advocated for evidence-based entrepreneurship since then. He helps companies of all sizes shorten their experience curve and reduce cash and time burn rate, to quickly find their product / market fit and positively impact the bottom line. Guyis also a mentor in several entrepreneurship programs (Startup Leadership Program, Moovjee) and nurtures the Lean Startup Experience community with Franck Debane.

    Tristan Laffontas

    After engineering school, Tristan worked for Thales and started an IT company. He later became a purchaser in the automotive industry and business manager in a consulting company. Three years ago, Tristan quit his job to start MoiChef. As a CEO, he has learnt and practiced the Lean Startup at several stages of maturity. He went through some major company decisions: pivots, fundraising and a merger. Tristan is teaching the Lean Startup principles to students and helps corporate (TF1, Pôle Emploi, Courrier International, Accenture, Nissan) to work differently.

    Alexia van Schaardenburg

    Alexia has lived and worked in Belgium, the UK and Paris.
    Previously an international market research expert for leading companies like Microsoft and Air France, Alexia now coaches small businesses and teams in corporations on how to apply Lean Startup successfully, with a focus on customer development and building a solution which clients will truly need. As a certified executive coach, she is a skilled trouble shooter and understands why teams get stuck. Alexia mentors startups and aspiring student-entrepreneurs at one of France's leading engineering schools.

    Matthieu Vetter

    Matthieu Vetter is a serial entrepreneur. After working in a family office as an investment director, he co-founded Silex ID, a media monitoring and evangelization company specializing in disruptive innovations. Matthieu is also a partner at Espadon Finance, outsourcing financial management company for start-ups. He is a startup mentor at NUMA, Paris&Co, La Ruche and other acceleration programs. He teaches innovation at EDHEC and at GEM. He is the co-writer of a book "Les start-ups expliquées à mon boss, du partenariat au corporate venturing".

    Maike Strudthoff

    Maike Strudthoff is an experienced professional who works at the crossroads of business, marketing and technology. She helps companies integrate digital innovation methods, tools and culture. Her focus is on customer centric experiences and business design. Maike has worked at and with large companies on an international level, leading management consultancies as well as startup companies across Europe. Her international experience has allowed her to develop an effective communication style in different languages and across cultures. She holds a double-degree in International Business Management and Marketing and is a regular speaker at conferences across Europe.

    Thibaud Gangloff

    Thibaud Gangloff started his career in Operations & Sourcing. After 9 years leading projects and teams for international corporations - Decathlon and GE Healthcare - he came out as an entrepreneur. His first startup gave him the chance to reset the machine and see the world differently. Fascinated by the state of mind needed in the digital world, he now helps companies’ employees acquire the entrepreneurial spirit through Corporate Hacking missions, Design Thinking Workshops and Customer Oriented experiences. Thibaud also gives lectures to engineering and business schools to transform students into doers.

    Vincent​ Gergele

    Innovation has always been essential for Vincent, whether in R&D within Schlumberger in his early career or during strategy & management consulting missions at Accenture. Vincent is passionate about avant-garde approaches in innovation: Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Creative Problem Solving, C-K methods... For several years now, Vincent has helped companies determine, launch, accelerate, and sustain their innovation initiatives. In parallel, Vincent mentors startups, teach at Universities and give conferences on innovation and creative thinking.


    Arnaud Debane

    Graduated UC Berkeley majoring in Economics and Business, Arnaud has lived and worked in France, Malaysia, Taiwan, the UK, and China.

    He worked a consultant and marketing expert Alstom, Booz Allen and a few other companies. In China, he founded 2 companies specializing in marketing, communication and branding strategies. Arnaud is especially impactful when it comes to digging consumer insights and building meaningful customer experiences. Arnaud developed an extensive knowledge of Asian markets especially China.

    David Cliquot

    David Cliquot is passionate about computer science. He gets his first job as a developer at the age of 16 after learning how to code in the USA. For the past 10 years, he as a technical manager in Investment Banks (Euronext, BNP) and has grown a strong experience of agile methodologies. He now trains internal teams, coaches transformation programs with over 500 impacted employees. In parallel, he is building two companies: mvpstars*, a startup studio launching 4-6 ventures every year and Reacteev, Agile/Lean Startup coaching for corporates.
    David graduated in Management & Computer Science from Paris University - René Descartes.

    Halszka de Breza

    After a career in MarCom, dedicated to create memorable customer experiences, Halszka (aka HK) is now an entrepreneur and an innovation facilitator.

    As a former intrapreneur leading innovative projects in corporations BNP, she could identify the breaks and the best practices to success. Her superpower is to spread positive energy to activate collective intelligence into a Blue Ocean, a Design Thinking or a Lean Startup process.

    François Rousseau

    After a 12-year experience in consumer goods marketing as Marketing Director at Danone, François Rousseau worked 10 years as a strategic planner in agencies.

    François has a heart for entrepreneurship and marketing. During this extensive career, he co-founded PriceMinister (sold to Rakuten), Kameleoon, Codage and most recently Audi ProConnect and Gemmyo.

    He worked for Steve Jobs and advised CEOs and boards in banks and other industries. François is also a Business Angel and Chairman in 6 start-up boards. He teaches at IEP and INSEAD Business School.

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