Bootcamp and Innovation Workshop

    Impactful Experience AND Business Results

    We deliver short workshop and bootcamps that help team solve business challenges. They learn and apply new tools and work together as a team to make an impact.

    Team Coaching

    Coaching team to explore new business opportunities

    We coach teams over a 6 to 12 month period to explore business ideas. They de-risk each step of the plan with experiments while searching for a viable business model.

    Acceleration Program

    Boost project inside your company

    We design, launch and run innovation and acceleration programs for companies. Programs from 10 to 100 intrapreneurs exploring and building strategic ideas. We have track record of delivering business results.

    Innovation Advisory

    Aligning strategy, process, capability and culture

    Culture, incentives, process, management, technology, employees, and shareholder are influencing your innovation capability. They are working as an eco-system both inside and outside of your company. Find out the strategies you can use to set that eco-system in motion and ignite innovation in your organisation.

  • Wow ! A unique practical, hands-on training experience.

    - Matthew, Marketing Director

    I liked the no-nonsense approach: I was able to apply what I learned to my job the day I got back

    - Sarah, Product Manager