Bootcamp and Innovation Workshop

    Impactful Experience AND Business Results

    We deliver short workshop and bootcamps that help team solve business challenges. They learn and apply new tools and work together as a team to make an impact.

    Team Coaching

    Coaching team to explore new business opportunities

    We coach teams over a 6 to 12 month period to explore business ideas. They de-risk each step of the plan with experiments while searching for a viable business model.

    Acceleration Program

    Boost project inside your company

    We design, launch and run innovation and acceleration programs for companies. Programs from 10 to 100 intrapreneurs exploring and building strategic ideas. We have track record of delivering business results.

    Innovation Advisory

    Aligning strategy, process, capability and culture

    Culture, incentives, process, management, technology, employees, and shareholder are influencing your innovation capability. They are working as an eco-system both inside and outside of your company. Find out the strategies you can use to set that eco-system in motion and ignite innovation in your organisation.

  • Wow ! A unique practical, hands-on training experience.

    - Matthew, Marketing Director

    I liked the no-nonsense approach: I was able to apply what I learned to my job the day I got back

    - Sarah, Product Manager





    Value Proposition Programme

    Transform your Value Proposition into something Customers want

    Do you have a great product but customers struggle to see its value? You need a powerful value proposition.

    This programme is designed for entrepreneurs and marketers that need to bring new solutions to the market. In this program, we will show you the tools to build a powerful value proposition and give advice and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs to help you in the process.



    Exploration workshop

    Explore groundbreaking solutions to grow your business

    You cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them. In this workshop, you will allow yourself to be bold and unleash your creativity, make your idea tangible and find out sooner if it works for your customer or not. With a result-oriented mindset, we will help you identify clear next steps to test your ideas and get results today!





    Explosive Acceleration for your Projects

    Learn to think like a startup during this 2-days bootcamp. Practice the efficiency of Design thinking and Lean startup, and fill up your innovation Canvas. Gather insights from your customers, and immediately test them on landing pages or with solution interviews to craft the most powerful value proposition. Finally, experiment your learnings and build your MVP without losing more time or money.



    Interview training

    Learn to capture your customers' needs

    Through a 3-step process, you will build more confidence and awareness about your interviewing techniques and abilities. Mixing theory and practice, you will run empathic and exploratory interviews with different customers. You will learn how to frame the interview, the type of questions to ask and how to ask them,
    how to analyse your results and finally how to make decisions based on your learning.