• Strategize

    Innovation Strategy workshop

    Do the thinking part to set the innovation ambition, the objectives, define the right resources and shape the optimal pathway to innovating.


    Impact on business

    Define a clear innovation roadmap and implementation plan.

    Review the project portfolio and roadmap (growth board).

    Define an Innovation Strategy (where to play).

    Measure the impact of Innovation at C-level.

    Align innovation with strategy and capability.


    Time scope

    Half a day to a day, with a 1 or 2 meetings preparation beforehand.




    Exploration Workshop

    Explore with intrapreneurs and internal innovators what's feasible, possible, what makes sense and solves a real problem.


    Impact on business

    Identify a problem or an opportunity.

    Align on the actionable tests and potential solutions.

    Ex: (what should I do with regard to AI in my business?)

    (how can I reposition my product for the online channels)


    Time scope

    2 full days in a row. 2 meetings preparation



    Innovation Bootcamp and Sprint

    Time to build a prototype or an MVP and find the right fit for the market.


    Impact on business

    Validate the new solution & business model on the market (desirability vs viability).

    Teach the tools and mindset to project teams.

    Get customer feedback and adapt the solution as needed.


    Time scope

    3 full days with coaching and remote touchpoints.


    3 months Intrapreneurship Program

    Accelerate new initiatives and projects, get early traction and revenue with a pilot, get ready to scale. Know to be one of the most powerful solutions to make innovation happens.


    Impact for business

    Accelerate the development of innovative projects or businesses that has the potential to impact the bottom line.

    Quickly shut down non-validated projects minimizing time and money loss, and pivot to a more valuable one.


    Time scope

    2 to 3 days a week, 12 weeks, including hours of coaching sessions and hands-on support.

  • Wow ! A unique practical, hands-on training experience.

    - Matthew, Marketing Director

    I liked the no-nonsense approach: I was able to apply what I learned to my job the day I got back

    - Sarah, Product Manager


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