• Customer

    Journey Map

    Understand your Customer perspective

  • What is it for?

    The customer journey map is the visual representation of the process a customer goes through to achieve a specific goal like using or buying a product/service. It helps you establish all the steps a customer takes and put yourself in his shoes to improve the process.

  • How to build the Customer Journey Map

    Step 1. Establish a first line describing, in detail, the process a customer goes through to complete a certain goal (send an email, run a test prescribed by a doctor, daily transportation journey).


    Step 2. In this journey, pinpoint with different coloured post its the possible frictions and problems encountered.


    Step 3. Add a third line with the customers' feelings at each step. Does he feel excited? tired? lost? inquisitive? overwhelmed? busy? stressed? What are his thoughts? (ex: I have too much information and no time to go through it).


    Step 4. Add the fourth line with things which could be improved. Smooth points of interaction between your company and the customers

  • Next Step

    Based on the improvements areas you highlighted, you can now generate ideas to solve the problems for the better.