• Customer Interview Sheet

    Structure customer feedback during interviews

  • What is it for?

    The customer interview sheet is designed to help during customer discovery interview It helps you structure and capture the important elements you want to learn during those interviews.

  • How to use the Customer Interview Sheet

    Customer Description:

    Learn to know the person. Details do matter.



    Is the customer encountering problems/needs? When, why … ? What is preventing the customer from solving his problem?


    Size of the problem:

    How big is each problem/need? How frequent is it occurring?


    Cost of the problem:

    How is the customer measuring the cost of his problem (time, money, energy…)?


    Context :

    What are the context and persons involved when the customer runs into the problem?


    Goal, Job to be done:

    If he/she solves its problem, then _____ (which ultimate goal does he/she want to achieve)?


    Existing Solutions:

    How is he solving its problem today? Is he happy with the current solution? What does he like about it?



    How does the customer look for solutions?



    What doesn't he like about the existing solution?


    Key Takeaways:

    The most important things you've learned and detected through the emotions of your customer.



    Quotes from happy customers


    Early Adopter:

    Early adopters have to be conquered first. They are actively seeking a solution and will probably already have an alternative solution.



    Other things you can learn during an interview:


    Decision Trigger - What are the key moments and triggers where customers have made key decisions about a problem?

    Emotions - How do the customers feel at the different stages of their journey?

    Success metric - How are the customers measuring success?

    Language - How do the customers talk about their problem? This is very useful. You might use their own words in your value proposition.

  • Next Step

    Did your customer interviews validate or invalidate your hypotheses? According to your learnings, you now can decide whether to pivot or persevere.

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