• Cover Story

    Imagine you just launched your product or service and it is a big success!

  • What is it for?

    Gather feedback on your project projecting yourself in a time where you just launched your new product or service and magazines are talking about it!

    This exercise helps motivate the team and answer some of the key questions such as who is the customer, how do they benefit from this solution, what is the impact of the concept on society?

  • How to build the Cover Story?

    Use our template to capture the key elements

    • Have each team member propose a few ideas (on post-it notes) for each key elements

    • Let the team discuss, agree, and select what seems relevant for their concept

    • Pitch the Press Release and gather feedback from other participants


    Key elements to include

    • Headlines - The big success. What’s the press saying about your success? Why is it so remarkable?

    • Sub Headline - Describe who the market is and what benefit they get. One sentence only underneath the title.

    • Extract from the interview - Explain the solution and its benefits, who is using it? Why is exceptional about it? How does it work? What can customers do with it? How did the company develop and came with the concept?

    • Impact - What impact is this having on society/business/people that we care about?

    • How to get started - If customers are interested, what do they need to do to have this solution? What is required of them?

    • Customer quote - Provide quotes from happy customers that describe how they experience the benefits?

    • Quotes from the CEO - Why does it matter? Describe the impact you are looking to have on your field or in the world?