• Run a Brainstorming Session

    Explore new ideas!

  • What is it for?

    For one problem, you have many solutions. To find new innovative solutions, you need to explore further than the usual obvious solutions that you already know. To do this, you can expand your imagination to explore uncharted thoughts. This works best with a diverse team that where each member brings a different perspective.

  • How to run a Brainstorming session?

    Step 1 - Write down the problem you want to solve



    Step 2 - Generate ideas individually - 10 mins

    • Think about different solutions to solve the problem.
    • Boost your creativity with the prompts below.
    • Use post-it notes and write 1 idea per post it.
    • Use the prompts below to boost your creativity

    Example of prompts:

    What solution could be done next week?

    What would Elon Musk do?

    You have 0€ to develop your idea.

    What if your idea had to be 100% eco-friendly?

    What would you build if your solution did not need to be legal?

    Your solution has only 1 feature.

    Add elements of Blockchain, AI or big data



    Step 3 - Sharing session - 25-60 mins

    • Each participant presents and shares one of their idea with the team.

    • Have a brief discussion to clarify what the idea is about.

    • Once presented, he/she puts the post-it note with the idea on the wall for everyone to see. If two ideas are similar, put them close to each other.

    • Move to the next participant.

    • Turn around in a circle until the participants don't have any more post-its to share.

    • Once ideas are shared it’s ok for participants to come up with new ideas, which also gets written on post-its and are shared.


    Step 4 - Select ideas - 10 mins

    • Decide on criteria to select your winning ideas: implementable, impact, disruptive, easy to do.

    • Each participant gets 3 to 5 dots to vote on the ideas s.he likes the best based on criteria defined.

    • The ideas to move forward are the one with the most votes.

    Step 5 - Celebrate!
  • Next Step

    Now you have a solution in mind, it's time to test your assumptions and interview your potential customers to gain insights on their way of doing things.