Explosive Acceleration for your Projects


    2 days working like a startup with your teams


    What you get:

    • More customer learning in 2 days than you got since the projects started
    • Trained and autonomous teams that will stop building products nobody wants
    • A startup mindset sparked into your organization

    “Super practical. This workshop is a game changer”

  • What you will learn


    Startup mindset

    How startups innovate ?

    Discover Design thinking

    Understand Lean startup

    Fill your innovation Canvas


    Customer insights

    What customers want?

    What to learn from customers

    Run problem interviews

    Debrief & gather insights


    Value proposition

    What is a Value Proposition?

    Build your value proposition

    Test with a landing page

    Run Solution interviews


    Test & Derisk

    Build experiments and MVP

    Prioritize your work

    Measure your progress

    Pitch your progress


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