• Established companies struggle to launch products people love

    With markets aggressively contested by a growing number of competitors, clients find it difficult to distinguish between products or services that seem the same.


    Clear symptoms are product commoditization, buying decisions based on price, slower sales growth and tighter margins.

  • "The new offer we built with Tango helped us win a multimillion contract."

    VP Global Marketing​

    "Tango helped us find your own answers and unleash our business potential."

    UK CEO

    "The change of mindset was amazing. Some were skeptical if not cynical when we started and are today our strongest advocates."

    Innovation Director

  • Bring startup dynamics to your company.

    Tango puts you on a rail to overcome the obstacles on your journey to a new business

    Our clients' success rate is incredibly high when they work with us, almost defying gravity.

    Why ? We listen a lot and stick to a simple, tried and proven, formula. We work with our client during the whole length of the new business model creation, validation and scaling process, re-earning his or her trust every time the project reaches a milestone, until the job is done.


    Tango guides you safely through the new product process from start to end

    We take both the startup team and the main rungs of management through the process and risks that accompany each step of the business model creation & validation process. We point out early why things may go wrong, indicate when they go wrong, and explain how to put them right. We never cease to explain, and prod and push until the project is safely back on its rails.


    We are operational new product specialists who help your startup team grow

    We like people and take joy in seeing them succeed. Clients say we are good coaches, getting the best out of their Startup team. Because we are partly French, we "get" what our French client says.


    We are operational people expert in business model validation with a good understanding of consulting - not traditional consultants. Clients recognize this when they say "You simplify the offer process" - rather than "complexify" it. We know startups and their dynamics intimately, just as we understand the workings and politics of large organisations.

  • How we do it?

    Customer Development to collect client insights, Lean Startup as the central process to create and validate your new offer, and Blue Ocean Strategy to make your new business model bring clients a leap in value.

    Companies realise that something must change in the way they bring out new products or services. ​


    Clearly, big companies excel at operating existing business models but struggle to create new ones.


    Similarly-educated employees, departmental silos, over-planification, poor risk management and too many layers of management prevent fresh perspectives from emerging.


    The marketing team entrusted with developing new products is often prevented by sales from speaking to clients or delegates the task to a 'research' agency, loosing the crucial details about clients' needs in the process.


    Bottom line : most new offerings come out with little or no client consultation. When there is consultation, it often yields unreliable information. And what client insight information exists tends to be wrongly interpreted.

  • Innover, c'est connaitre intimement ces clients, apprendre, tester et co-créer quelque chose qui va vraiment les aider.

    At Tango, we mentor team through every step of the new product development process used by successful startups by placing the client at its heart. It takes two to Tango